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Staff Hire Options

Are you tired of doing all the work? Want a hand for a change ?
We have available at your service, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, cooks, wait staff and bar staff to assist you with a smooth and hassle free event.


What catering services are provided?

Your team of chefs and wait staff will cook, professionally present your food on service dishes, serve your guests, clear cocktail tables and clean up the kitchen.

How many staff will I need?

The number of staff required depends upon the quality of service required and the timing of service. For example, if all food needs to be served in a short period of time, you will require more staff than for a function where food is to be served over an entire evening.

Generally speaking, we recommend one chef for up to 50 guests and one waitperson for upto 30 guests. Weddings and more formal events may require additional staff. Your catering consultant can advise you of the optimal staff numbers for your function.

Is staff overtime available?

Staff overtime is available and must be booked in advance, please ask your catering consultant for a quotation if you require overtime.

Staff Hire Rate

Please Note : 10% GST Applies for Staff Hire 

Cook - $35.00 per hour (Minimum 4 hours)

3 hours on site, 1 hours incudes travelling time, petrol and tolls.

Waitperson - $30.00 per hour (Minimum 4 hours)

3 hours on site, 1 hour includes travelling time

Barperson - $50.00 per hour (Minimum 3 hours)

3 hours on site, travel time included

*Travel fees may apply to certain suburbs

*Agency booking fee applies of $20 per staff member 

*Staff rates will vary during public holiday and between 11pm and 6am.

*Please Note : 10% GST Applies for all staff hie